Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application that we can take home to complete and return?
Unfortunately we do not have a take-home application. The state requires that our staff review and complete the application with the parent(s).

How does my child qualify for this program?
Parent(s) must be working, attending school, or in training to qualify for our program. Families who are homeless and are seeking permanent housing are eligible, as well as those who are referred by Child Protective Services.

How long will it take to complete the eligibility process and be notified of acceptance?
Once the application process is complete there is a 30 day turn around in which the Teacher Director has to inform you of your acceptance or denial.

How much do I have to pay?
When you complete the application, your income is noted to determine your family’s fee. During the approval process your family’s fee is determined according to your income and the family fee schedule.

Do you have child care available before school starts?
We offer child care in the a.m. from 7:30-11:30 where a need for kindergarten care is demonstrated.

Do you offer child care for only one hour?
Our child care operates by full-time and part-time care. Full-time care consists of 6.0 hours or more and part-time care consists of 0-5.99 hours. If your child is only in our care for one hour you are still charged the rate for part-time care.

Why must we re-certify our file each year?
Recertification papers must be completed once a year to determine if the family is still eligible for the program. If a parent no longer qualifies, they will be given immediate notice and 10 days to find alternate care. Families of children who are referred to School Age Child Care Program by Child Protective Services are required to re-certify every six months.