How You Can Help

Your donation can make a difference! Often times, even the smallest of inconveniences prevent our clients from obtaining WIC services. Parking and bus fees can be as much as $3.00/visit. It is our goal to remove these obstacles, making access to our clinics as accessible as possible.  Your donation would make a big difference for families who otherwise could not access WIC.

Fresno's climate is very warm and the availability of fresh, cold drinking water is important to provide to our pregnant mothers and children.  Unfortunately, no funding exists for this type of necessity.  To provide this service to each of our five WIC sites would cost approximately $250/month or $3000 annually.  Your donation could help fund this necessity and have a positive impact on all of our WIC mothers and children. If your organization or business is interested in an annual gift, we would be excited to feature your sponsorship on all of the water coolers. 


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