Classroom-Based Program

The School of Unlimited Learning provides 180 days of instruction for classroom-based and Independent Study students. For the classroom-based students, classes are held Monday through Friday according to the School’s board-approved calendar, bell schedule, and instructional minutes. SOUL’s calendar is the same as that of Fresno Unified School District.  All classes in the classroom-based program are 60 minutes in length, with the exception of SOUL’s minimum day schedule. Mondays follow a minimum day schedule, with teacher planning time and scheduled staff development in the afternoon. SOUL’s schedule exceeds the number of minutes required by Education Code Section 47612.5(a)(1). 

Independent Study Program

The Independent Study program is an optional educational alternative. Students cannot be required to participate. Students who choose the Independent Study component typically face scheduling conflicts within a traditional school day. They voluntarily enroll in this alternative instructional program. Students enrolling in SOUL’s Independent Study program, for the most part, possess higher reading and math skills, enabling them to work independently.

Independent Study students are scheduled for a minimum of one hour per week, but are able to access and benefit from the additional services available at any time. In addition to providing a comprehensive high school curriculum, SOUL also offers Independent Study students a wide array of support services, including personal and mental health counseling, case management, access to health services, family services, and childcare services.

Prior to entering SOUL’s Independent Study program, students must articulate a compelling reason or need for the Independent Study alternative, such as a physical disability, pregnancy, lack of childcare, family hardship, or an identified personal, social, or mental health issue which prevents them from attending school on a daily basis. Like the classroom-based program, SOUL’s Independent Study program offers a standards-based curriculum. In recent years, a concerted effort has been made to bring about greater alignment in regards to the Independent Study curriculum and grade level standards. The recent curricular alignment between the classroom based and Independent Study programs has increased the rigor of Independent Study.