About Sanctuary Outreach to the Streets (SOS)

Sanctuary Outreach to the Streets (SOS) was implemented in 1998 with funding by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to identify street youth, under 21 years old, help them exit the streets and assist them with accessing safe and long-term shelter and supportive services. The SOS team provides case-managed crisis intervention on the streets and distributes basic needs items (i.e. food, clothing, hygiene products) to those youth who are not familiar with or who do not/cannot seek Sanctuary services in their time of need.

Activities offered include job readiness workshops, computer literacy classes, healthy relationships clinics and health education sessions. The Drop-In Center networks with support from community partners such as Fresno EOC's Health Services Clinic, Fresno EOC’s Local Conservations Corps, Workforce Connection, California Job Corps and Marjaree Mason Center help sponsor these youth development activities. Outdoor recreation, fitness and field trips serve a big role in meeting the social and wellness needs of the youth participants.

Sanctuary Outreach to the Streets (SOS) provides direct services or by collaborating with other agencies. In particular, SOS works closely with other organizations that work to protect and treat young people who have been or are at risk of sexual abuse or exploitation. Street outreach services include the following:

  • Street-based education and outreach
  • Access to emergency shelter
  • Survival aid
  • Individual assessments
  • Treatment and counseling
  • Prevention and education activities
  • Information and referrals
  • Crisis intervention
  • Follow-up support