How You Can Help


The Head Start program accepts in-kind donations and reduced rates of goods, services, even property.

To donate space please download and complete the Contribution Space form

If you are donating professional or semi-professional services please download and complete the Contribution Personnel form 

To donate large or small items, non-professional services or supplies please download and complete the Contribution Goods, Services, or Property form



Head Start accepts volunteers to work in a preschool setting. View the responsibilities of a Head Start volunteer below. Interested parties need to contact Volunteer Services staff at (559) 263-1200 to hear about potential volunteer opportunities. The responsibilities of a Head Start volunteer follow:

Fresno EOC Head Start Preschool Volunteer Job Description

POSITION TITLE: Volunteer Teacher Assistant

REPORTS TO: Center Teacher Director or Teacher

OBJECTIVE: To insure that the teacher has adequate assistance carrying out the daily schedule and objectives.


  • Assist teacher in carrying out daily lesson plans.
  • Assist in preparation of classroom materials.
  • Work with small groups of children to   encourage self-expression and good self-esteem.
  • Work with a child on a one-to-one basis to carry out an individualized program.
  • Assist with maintenance and up-keep of the classroom.
  • Assist teacher with supervision on the playground.
  • Accompany and assist with supervision on field trips.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the teacher.

QUALIFICATIONS: Enthusiasm and a strong interest in preschool education is a must. The ability to relate well with preschool children, a general knowledge of child development, child behavior and the processes involved in learning. Be a creative individual who can share his/her talents in the classroom and assist the teacher in the preparation of classroom materials.  Good moral character and health.

REQUIREMENTS: All volunteers must have an assessment for TB and other required immunizations (measles/pertussis/flu).