How You Can Help


The Head Start program accepts donations and reduced rates of goods, services, even property.

To donate space please download and complete the Contribution Space form

If you are donating professional or semi-professional services please download and complete the Contribution Personnel form

To donate large or small items, non-professional services or supplies please download and complete the Contribution Goods, Services, or Property form



Head Start accepts volunteers to work in a preschool setting. View the responsibilities of a Head Start volunteer below. Interested parties need to contact Volunteer Services staff at (559) 263-1200 to hear about potential volunteer opportunities. The responsibilities of a Head Start volunteer follow:

Volunteer Job Description




POSITION TITLE: Volunteer Teacher Assistant

REPORTS TO: Teacher Director or Teacher

OBJECTIVE: To insure that the teacher has adequate assistance carrying out the daily schedule and objectives.


  • Assist teacher in carrying out daily lesson plans.
  • Assist in preparation of classroom materials.
  • Work with small groups of children to   encourage self-expression and good self-esteem.
  • Work with a child on a one-to-one basis to carry out an individualized program.
  • Assist with maintenance and up-keep of the classroom.
  • Assist teacher with supervision on the playground.
  • Accompany and assist with supervision on field trips.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the teacher.


QUALIFICATIONS: Enthusiasm and a strong interest in preschool education is a must. The ability to relate well with preschool children, a general knowledge of child development, child behavior and the processes involved in learning. Be a creative individual who can share his/her talents in the classroom and assist the teacher in the preparation of classroom materials.  Good moral character and health.

REQUIREMENTS: All volunteers must be screened for T.B. after completing 16 hours a week of consistent classroom volunteering.