Foster Grandparent Program Office
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Foster Grandparent Program Services

Foster Grandparent Program volunteers - referred to affectionately as Grandma or Grandpa- are matched with an infant, a child, or a teen that will most benefit from heartfelt attention or from guidance by way of an elder’s precious pearl of life wisdom.  Grandparent volunteers mentor youngsters on a one-to-one basis or in group settings to promote literacy and academic success as well as fostering social-emotional and cognitive-behavioral development. Young mentees will have the ways and means to fulfill their unique potential, achieve their life aspirations, and contribute toward the enrichment of healthy, productive, vibrant, neighborhoods and communities.

The Foster Grandparent Program also promotes quality of life for seniors. A Foster Grandparent extends love and wisdom and devotes time and attention to mentor and nurture a Young Person who otherwise might not receive heartfelt sharing and caring. In exchange, the Foster Grandparent is afforded a rewarding opportunity to make a difference in the life of another which in turn contributes toward an enhanced sense of purpose and self-worth.

The Foster Grandparent Program has a proven track record as a successful intergenerational mentoring project, which for the past 42 years has coordinated volunteer service that has consistently generated positive outcomes and widespread positive impact in the local community as Senior volunteers are matched with underserved infants, children, and teens at 40+ volunteer sites throughout Fresno and Madera Counties.  In 2012 FGP volunteers provided over 82,000 hours of mentoring support to more than 15,000 young people to promote literacy, life skills, effective communication, self-esteem, and social emotional/cognitive behavioral development. Also, in 2012, children and teens that benefited from mentoring support by a Foster Grandparent demonstrated an average 75% improvement in language proficiency and upgraded reading skills. Grandparent Volunteers are deeply dedicated to provide life-changing support to young people that face major life challenges so that they will not be left behind on the road to success.

Foster Grandparent Program Mission: To foster a healthy, unified and productive community by enhancing the literacy and social-emotional development of underserved children and teens through cultivation of personalized mentoring relationships with wise elders.

“Foster Grandparents share today to shape tomorrow and devote their volunteer service to underserved, disadvantaged and/or disabled youth offering emotional support to child victims of abuse and neglect; tutoring children with low literacy skills; mentoring troubled teenagers, youth offenders and young mothers; along with caring for premature infants and children with physical disabilities and severe illnesses. Foster Grandparents are individuals who thrive on direct interaction with children and believe they can make a difference in their lives.” (CNCS website).