Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Catering with a Cause"?
We take our profit and put meals, jobs, and necessities into the hands of the Fresnans and Central Valley residents who need them the most.

What types of food do you serve?
We work from prepared or custom menus. View our menu.

How extensive are your catering services?
We have the capability to prepare meals for small or large events, either buffet-style or sit-down/served services.

Do you cater weddings and formal events?
Yes! We'd love to add an extra pinch of spectacular to your special day. 

Where can I find a menu?
View our catering menu.

Can I rent the Nielsen Conference Center?
Yes, please call us at (559) 266-3663 for information.

How many people does the Nielsen Conference Center hold?
The Nielsen Conference Center accommodates up to 120 people.


How many rolls come with the bread orders? 12 each
Does turkey come with gravy? Yes
Does stuffing come with gravy? Yes
Do the mashed potatoes come with gravy? Yes, but only the plain ones. The bleu cheese ones do not.
How many cookies/cookie pies come in the dessert selection of cookies? Customers can choose cookies, cookies pies, or a mix. There will be 15 total pieces.
Will we deliver outside of Fresno and Madera county? Maybe, give us your address and we will let you know. 

Have questions we didn't answer? Call us at (559) 266-FOOD (3663).